Push Go

Push Go is an exciting new web series we are making that will help when choosing or developing the right technology for people with disabilities. The series will include, interview, industry tips and breakthroughs in technology. In this first episode we are looking at an interactive, augmented reality maths game that was developed for children … Read more


Our latest shoot took us to the vast metropolis of Huntly. It was an afternoon shoot which was unusual for us. This left us with something of a conundrum; what to do with the time before our shoot? The answer was simple, have fun! We did a bit of sightseeing… mainly the mighty Waikato River … Read more

This Side Up

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s a… pink horse? We’ve filmed a lot of things over the years, including horses, but this latest shoot for This Side Up has to be the strangest and one of the most fun we have done. See the results below.