This Side Up

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s a… pink horse? We’ve filmed a lot of things over the years, including horses, but this latest shoot for This Side Up has to be the strangest and one of the most fun we have done. See the results below.

More-Mag series – Ask Elle Phillips

The More-Mag series has just hit the web! Check out our social media mini series ‘Ask Elle Phillips’ If you’re into show jumping or horses in general be sure to check out Elle Phillips facebook page for great tips, tricks and advice or visit the More-Mag website to learn more.

Country TV Masterclass

One of the projects we are currently working on is Country TV Masterclass. This exciting new series offers expert equine coaching from top professionals from New Zealand and abroad, across multiple disciplines and levels. Need some hot tips on how to train your pony? Looking for some vet advice? Want to know how to improve … Read more

Matamata Horse Trial

We covered class 1 and 6 of the Matamata Horse Trial for Country TV. The first program will air on the 17th of May. Horse trials are designed to test the rider and horse over three disciplines; dressage, show jumping and cross country. What a great weekend. The sun was shining, riders were enjoying themselves … Read more

Country Vets airs tonight

Country Vets will screen at 7.30pm tonight on Country TV (Sky channel 081). Purple Sheep Productions made the opening sequence for the program. This new TV series follows a group of country vets at a large rural practice in New Zealand’s North Island. Filmed over the busy farming months.          

Harrison Lane commercial

We had an absolute blast filming a Harrison Lane advert this week. Harrison Lane specialise in the construction of stables and barns of any size. We love the horse shoe designs on the handles and hay boxes. They are truly beautiful buildings. Laura the director from Harrison Lane is a lovely, smiley person and we … Read more

Lights, camera…. neigh? Never work with animals

It turns out Falkor did not want his moment in the lime light, well it was more of a grey light really as the weather wasn’t too good either. He would not move leaving our poor bikini model stranded. Maybe next time we should cast him as a statue. What do they say? Never work … Read more

What do a sheep & a horse have in common?

What do a sheep and a horse have in common? They are both starring in a comedy sketch we are filming this month. Geordie our borrowed sheep had her shots (not flu shots) last week and was a star on set and she even blessed our camera by sneezing all over it. Falkor’s moment to … Read more

Mercer Cup – Pony Club Event

This month we donned our wellies and headed off to make a documentary about a pony club event. The kids were absolutely amazing and they weren’t camera shy at all. The parents were very brave watching their small dots fly over logs and obstacles while remaining (most of the time) firmly attached to their ponies. … Read more