Our latest shoot took us to the vast metropolis of Huntly. It was an afternoon shoot which was unusual for us. This left us with something of a conundrum; what to do with the time before our shoot? The answer was simple, have fun!

We did a bit of sightseeing… mainly the mighty Waikato River and Huntly Power Station. After that we saw the most famous landmark in Huntly and one that is a must do for all; the Deka sign. (Deka went out of business almost twenty years ago, but in Huntly their sign lives on.)

Following on from that excitement we decided to go op shopping and buy each other the worst/ugliest item we could find for five dollars or less. Below is the winning piece, that is bound to cause a few nightmares.

It was then time for lunch, a quick slide on the playground and onto the shoot, where we kicked into professional mode.  The shoot went well and we had a great day in Huntly.