Happy Down, Across & Up Day!

It is difficult to believe that we started our Down, Across & Up adventure, ten years ago today. By the time we started we had been training the horses and ourselves for a year to get ready and fit for the journey ahead. It was a beautiful morning as we received our blessing from the … Read more

Lights, camera…. neigh? Never work with animals

It turns out Falkor did not want his moment in the lime light, well it was more of a grey light really as the weather wasn’t too good either. He would not move leaving our poor bikini model stranded. Maybe next time we should cast him as a statue. What do they say? Never work … Read more

What do a horse and a sheep have in common?

What do a horse and a sheep have in common? They are both starring in a comedy sketch we are filming this month. Geordie our borrowed sheep had her shots (not flu shots) last week and was a star on set and she even blessed our camera by sneezing all over it. Falkor’s moment to … Read more

Down, Across & Up – On Country TV

Down, Across & Up will air on Country TV (in NZ) on the 3rd of July at 8:30pm. The Country Channel is channel 081 on Sky TV. Genevieve had always dreamed of riding her horse all around New Zealand. When she met Kerrin and he was keen to join her, everything fell into place. It … Read more