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Need a video on your website?

We can make it happen. A captivating video will make your site more searchable and people love to share videos through social media. Statistically customers are more likely to make a purchase after seeing an accompanying video. Because if a picture says a thousand words, then moving pictures say billions!

Next step? Let’s get the ball rolling. We will listen to what is important to your business and help you increase sales. Give us a call.

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Affordable, Quality & Engaging Videos

Since we are a small team it means our prices are very competitive. Traditionally TV required large crews but our core team members are multi-talented and highly skilled. This means we can keep our team small while executing a top quality yet affordable video production. Another advantage is the way we shoot. Being multi-skilled means we can shoot with a strong sense of direction and a greater understanding of how the final product will look. This saves time during the whole production process. We can assemble a crew quickly and we have a talented pool of freelancers whom we can rely on for larger projects. We are flexible and happy to work within your budget. Usually a 60 to 90 second video is all you need to captivate and inspire your audience as a short, punchy video will go a long way towards selling your brand or product. So whether it’s a quick one-camera shoot or a large multi-camera production you can rely on Purple Sheep Productions to create a high quality, reasonably priced and engaging video. If you would like more information just fill in the form below.

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